I’m Back

Hey its David.  Been awhile but I’m back to keep you updated.  Still working with my developer on the site contenct and structure.  I didn’t think this would be so hard to do, but it is.  So many options available. I think I am now getting in to alnalysis paralysis.  Anyway, Hope you your still enjoying the video. I find thim quite humerous.

Lets Do This

Hey everybody. I wanna welcome you to my new site. It has been down for quite some time but fortunately I was able to recover it. I’m not quite sure what I’ll be talking about… Maybe life and my adventures. Whos knows. But The ping man is back. I’m ready to party like its 1999. Lets see.. I’ve been suffering from a major addiction. I wont get into details about it now but it has really hindered life’s progress. I’m in a constant battle between recovery and looking for my next fix. I’ll get into that later. Till then enjoy the funny cat videos.